John Hessler began his broadcast career in 1984 as a photojournalist for the ABC affiliate, KSTP-TV in Minneapolis, MN. In the news and documentary divisions, he covered stories ranging from a historic expedition to the North Pole, a presidential campaign and a journey to Australia with the Minnesota Orchestra. In the late 80s John left the Midwest to settle in San Francisco, where he established John Hessler Productions. He arrived in the Bay Area just in time to provide NBC Networks news some of its first images of the disaster and rescue effort from the devastating Loma Prieta 71 earthquake.In 1991 John partnered with Brown University to produce a ground-breaking documentary bringing together the protagonists of the Cuban Missile Crisis. For the first time in history, Fidel Castro, Robert MacNarmara and Sergei Kruschev met for an exclusive interview viewed by an international audience, including ABC Television Network. John obtained exclusive rights to this historic event.  In 1992 John worked as the Director of Photography on a PSA series for the National Football League, awarding him a Cine Golden Eagle. He has covered ten NFL Super Bowls and continues to shoot this premier sports event as one of the select few DP’s by FOX Sports.

John was honored with an Emmy award in 1995 for his feature work with Neil Young on a youth program for Nickelodeon. The program featured the relationship between Young and his son Ben, who suffers from cerebral palsy.  In 1996, while on assignment for ESPN Outdoors, John landed a world recorded sailfish in rough seas and high winds on a deep-sea fishing adventure off the coast of Florida. This was part of a series that John produced, taking his crew on a scuba-diving assignment in Puerto Rico and a trek through the Alaskan wilderness.

In 1998, John traveled to Morocco and the Sahara Desert on assignment with National Geographic Explorer, covering the toughest foot race in the World, “The Marathon of the Sands”. This event is renown for being the most grueling and challenging adventure race, attracting elite athletes, survivalists and special forces military teams from around the world. In 2001, John traveled to Nepal with a San Francisco non-profit organization to produce a documentary to raise awareness and funds for building schools, promoting literacy, and providing scholarships to impoverished children.


John covered the 2002 World Series, which featured the San Francisco Giants and the Anaheim Angels. This broadcast aired on FOX Sports and was televised to 25 million viewers nationally and worldwide. In 2005, John covered the invitation-only Mavericks surf contest. This contest features the world’s top-ranked surfers riding the world’s biggest, most dangerous waves, reaching up to 50 feet.

Presently, John is directing national commercials and continues production on diverse range of projects, such as the opening to the NFL Super Bowls, coverage of the prestigious America’s cup sailing race and environmentally conscious initiatives in Solar Energy